The Stone Cavern

Would you choose to stick around and fix what’s old, neglected, but precious? Or would you choose to wipe the slate clean and start over? What if you could do both?

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Til Death Us Do Part

by Marian Allen   Adhara rubbed her forehead as she stepped out of the arrival chamber. The tech put a hand to Adhara’s elbow and steered her to a chair, folding the disposable pad around her shivering nudity. “Everything looks fine,” he said, eyes on the readings, not on her body. “What happens if it doesn’t?” He smiled. “We don’t even think about... read more

Fair Trade by Marian Allen

Think of the kind of place you want to be, stare into a cup of coffee, and you’ll be there, with a history that you remember even though you know it’s false. Other people will remember you, too.

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The Next Big Thing

Jace Daniel, the author of Under Angels, invited me to participate in a meme-style round-up called The Next Big Thing. Writers answer ten questions about a Work In Progress and then invite five other writers. Be sure to check out his take on The Next Big Thing! Thanks, Jace! What is the working title of your book? Puzzleland. Where did the idea come from for the book? I was coerced challenged by my friend,... read more

Café Demi Tasse 09

By Repeat Geek “The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist.” – Charles Baudelaire “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” – Joseph Heller, Catch-22   Ari is happy to see me, as I haven’t been here in a few days. He’s not happy enough to comp me this Hazel Nut Frappé,... read more

Café Demi Tasse 08

By Repeat Geek Per Brogan. These two terms showed up in the results for secret society as well as for Professor Corke’s candlestick, beacon and window. My coffee is cold, muffin forgotten. Ari has a worried look, probably because I have on the same clothes from three days ago.  I can’t blame him. I wonder if I look as shell-shocked as I feel. I haven’t been to work at all. I wandered... read more

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