How To Win A Contest

  • Find one or, if you happen to know Holly, be challenged to enter one. In the case in point, the contest is a race to win a Hugo.
  • Research the contest. What is a Hugo?
  • Find out what the rules or guidelines are.
  • If you don’t write much in that way, find a loophole. (“While the organization sponsoring the Hugos is named the World Science Fiction Society, our charter explicitly makes fantasy as well as SF eligible for our awards.”)
  • Write a story.
  • Publish it, or have it published.
  • Get it nominated.

Now, I’m wondering if there might not be a second loophole for me. After all, the story must be PUBLISHED this year. Doesn’t say it has to be WRITTEN this year. I could totally submit stories I already have in hand to publications in hopes of their being published this year, but would it be cheating to publish them to this web site?

I rather think it would. I think the spirit of this contest demands that I write new material for it.

Therefore, my final item is:

  • Don’t be honest

But I’m gonna. And I’m gonna win.

One Response to “How To Win A Contest”

  1. ROFL!!! You’d better be honest – I totally expect at least ONE of us to win this fair and square. (That leaves cheating for the other two, of course.)

    There’s NOTHING in the rules that prohibits self-publishing, but given that this site is administered by three of us, technically, we’re not really just SELF publishing, now, are we? We’re a legitimate eZine! (Do we need an ISSN number? Does a blog even qualify for one? Naaah, let’s just go with this.)

    The only drawback to self-publishing, this way, is that we really need to increase circulation!! So get up and dance, already!! 🙂 That’s right – increase circulation. Don’t want our hard-working writers getting blood clots in their legs.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t have a huge stockpile of unpublished SF works – not science fiction OR fantasy – so I won’t be the one scraping the bottom of the slush-trunk for stuff I’ve already written. I’ll be writing NEW fiction for your entertainment!! Yay!! (And go ahead – throw fruit and veggies at me – kids gotta eat while mom writes.)
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