Planning Plotser or Seat of the Pantser?

I am actually writing The Stone Canyon on the fly, posting it as I go, and praying for a strong finish. I thought it might be interesting to get feedback as I go – maybe readers will leave comments that help to guide the story (to a satisfying conclusion or right down the Class 7 Rapids of Writing Hell – who knows? That’s part of the charm, and the adventure!) I don’t usually let anyone read a work in progress, so this is new(ish) for me – reminiscent of the days when we wrote collaborative stories in the Writers’ Ink RoundTable on GEnie. Only maybe without the collaboration, if I don’t get someone to throw me a bone now and then, or egg me on.

By that, I don’t mean, “Throw rotten eggs at me,” but if it’s boring, I trust you’ll do just that.

4 Responses to “Planning Plotser or Seat of the Pantser?”

  1. Mitchell Allen

    Holly, it’s fun. I built Sisterhood of the Void that way. Seat of the pants til the midpoint. Then, I just HAD to plot the rest of the story.

    I hope you keep this going. I need a kick to get back to Puzzleland. Sigh.


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  2. We all need a kick, now and then. I don’t judge – I’m as kick-worthy as the next donkey’s behind! 🙂
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  3. Raj says:

    Holly couldn’t stop myself to appreciate you.. Just gone through your posts “The Stone Cavern: The First Time” , “The Stone Cavern: Fear and Longing” and they were awesome.. do u know that I am on your blog from last 2 hours reading all your posts.. you are very much engaging.. Good Luck.,
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    • Thank you, Raj!

      It’s been a busy week – but I’m back working on this story – next section should be up soon! (It’s even illustrated – by me! Well… sort of. I’m a much, much better writer than I am an artist! )

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