Café Demi Tasse 02

By Repeat Geek

I caught some flak from Ari, the barista, for “leaking” the secret to his DT’s Special #1. 64 ounces of pure Robusta beans. Apparently, some of the customers actually read my dispatches. Those misinformed muppets accused Ari of using defective coffee beans. See? Google is bad. For the record, Ari uses bleach only on the freshest beans available!

As punishment, Ari refused to serve me. So I’m sitting here with an awesome bottle of Jovian Juniper Juice, silently chuckling. You see, I’m still wired on yesterday’s DT’s Special #1. 64 ounces of pure Robusta beans. Okay, I gotta stop using this autotype feature. But, really, I’m still going strong. My undercover research is heating up.

A secret society of intelligent people seems to be leaving clues as to its existence. First, I find a significant link between subliminal messages in advertising and self-help tapes. Then, I stumble upon an archive of television shows that spread a common theme: the interconnectedness of all things. LOST, Dirk Gently, Eureka and The Simpsons use at least one technique to show the connection.

I was able to distill those techniques, using CRAP, of course! By doing this, I found that, unfortunately, every show, movie and song ever recorded does this. I only noticed the four examples because I watched them all last night! When I ran some random titles through my filter, it turned out that Sherlock Holmes, in every incarnation, scored the highest for relevance. Still, it could amount to nothing, since the second highest score was assigned to Haydn’s Symphony #47 in G Major. What’s that all about?

Not one to leave a stone unturned, I kicked this new development with my sturdy shoe. I’m not ready to share, but the key seems to lie with the composers: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Joseph Haydn.

Oops! I better get going. Don’t want to be late for my day job.

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