Café Demi Tasse 04

By Repeat Geek

Talk about false claims! I fell asleep last night. Literally. Fell. Asleep. Right in the middle of Eastern Park. The moonlight was so pretty, coming through the trees. You should hike through there sometime.

I complained to Ari about the ineffectiveness of DT’s Special #1. 64 ounces of pure Robusta beans. Trust me, that autotype combination is gone from my laptop. Anyway, Ari apologized and gave me a complimentary cup of Grazie Mille. He added hazelnut flavoring, my favorite. I thanked him profusely.

Sleep brings dreams. Often, dreams hint at solutions or, at least, new paths to explore. Last night’s dream was about a crippled crab on a crutch. Somehow, I made a cognitive leap to a malfunctioning CRAP filter.

When I awoke, I grinned. Do you ever do that? Being all pleased with yourself? Anyway, what I realized is that the contextual retrograde analysis protocol doesn’t have to have multiple ideas with which to work. It’s also a great discovery tool, like those visual thesaurus apps.

Since my undercover investigation involves ferreting out a secret society of very intelligent people, I ran a query on secret. The results were amazing. I obtained the following:

  • ingredients for a brand of deodorant;
  • contributors to a rather popular publication;
  • a list of fraternal organizations;
  • 57 herbs and spices for a major chicken processor;
  • the synopsis of a Czech opera.

Thanks to my formal education, I knew that CRAP was not just returning Google-like “hits”. Its results were based on a common ancestry. I know it is hard to believe, but those five results, along with hundreds of others, had no more than 16 parents. Of course, it’s not really interesting until we can analyze the parents to find their roots. I need to drill down a bit to find the three or four most significant precursors to the idea of secrecy.

My biggest challenge, if I plan to pursue this crippled crab line of inquiry, is to somehow discard irrelevant matches. CRAP automatically scores results when two or more ideas are input. I was on my own for this one!

The first to go were all the musical groups and famous quotes. The deodorant and chicken recipes, along with all other matches from the patents and trademarks databases were next. I did hesitate to drop the logos, thinking that a connection might lurk within the designs. After considering it for a bit, I reasoned that a secret society would hardly advertise its mark!

I made the mistake of browsing the Rhonda Byrne publication. I was so engrossed, I used up all my free time. I saved everything and dashed over here for my daily beverage and logging session.

I hope I don’t lose track of what searches I need to do next. You’d think I would be a very organized person. You would be wrong. These logging sessions are the only way I remember half of this mess.

Oops! I better get going. Don’t want to be late for my day job.

6 Responses to “Café Demi Tasse 04”

  1. Samosa

    interesting lol. what’s your dayjob if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. Mitchell Allen

    Hi Samosa, I am doing Undercover Research. Shh!



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