Café Demi Tasse 05

By Repeat Geek

Ari is so nice. He gave me a free cup of Grazie Mille. He knows I’m good for it. Well, I will be, just as soon as I find my wallet, which I dropped somewhere in Area 51 and a Half.

Anyway, I’m sipping my coffee, noshing on a gigantic blueberry muffin and reviewing the crazy search tangent I went off on a few days ago. The results from the secret query are starting to look more foolish.

You know how, when you first wake up from a dream, a weird sort of clarity invades your skull, showing you the answer to whatever has been bugging you? Yet, fifteen minutes later, you are unable to grasp the thread of that “epiphany”. This whole crippled crab dream is throwing me for a loop, and I feel as if I need to back-track.

Looking at my saved search, I see that I was in the process of winnowing the matches. I know I became distracted by Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, and it’s a good thing that I was. I’m reading between the lines and picking up all kinds of subliminal messages. The main thing is this business about the Universe manufacturing stuff. More importantly, though, is the idea that the Law of Attraction has been around since the beginning of time. Wouldn’t it be something if this law were the mother of every idea?

Imagine that! A cosmic factory at your beck and call. How could it create a new idea? Every factory needs raw materials. But, that just means the factory would not be the source, after all. I suppose we would define The Secret as the Law of Synthesis, if things could be produced out of thin air. Maybe this line of inquiry is pointless.

Oops! I better get going. Don’t want to be late for my day job.

2 Responses to “Café Demi Tasse 05”

  1. MA

    You disturb me. I LIKE that in a writer! 🙂

    Marian Allen
    Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes
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  2. Mitchell Allen

    Marian, I hope we disturb the very fabric of the space-time continuum, as we race toward that elusive Hugo Grail.

    Thanks for reading!


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