Café Demi Tasse 07

By Repeat Geek

The Candlestick Conspiracy. Ari is still laughing at my recollection of Professor Corke’s mad theory. The story is good for a free Martian Mango juice. I just had to pay for my chocolate chip muffin.

You know I’m on day two of my DT caffeine rush. That means it’s time to review the research into my new investigation. I ran a CRAP query on three ideas: candlestick, beacon and window. Unlike Google, CRAP never includes partial hits. That means, every result pertains to each idea. When I ask you to name your ancestors, you only omit great-great-grandparents if you don’t know about them. CRAP treats results like parents – it wants to know what gave birth to ideas.

The key to CRAP is the link score. In other fields of study, the measure of relevance might be based on statistics. You might read about confidence intervals, probabilities and statistical significance. Those terms reflect less than 100% certainty. CRAP doesn’t roll dice. As we joked in school, “Random In, CRAP Out!”

So, mastering CRAP requires an understanding of relevance in terms of our field, Archetypology, the study of origins. To us, relevance is like a deck of cards – black, white and fifty shades of grey. Of course, we don’t actually use a greyscale yardstick. Instead, we use the rather prosaic terms true and false, two extremes that define absolute truth and non-truth, respectively (ha-ha, as if you couldn’t figure out which was which.) As for the shades of grey, we assign the catch-all phrase apophenia.

Links in CRAP are all true. The digestive bowels of the program contain all the grumbling noises that want to escape but are doomed to be excreted with the next cycle of garbage collection. In other words, we never see the paths that were pruned to reveal a simple shrub sculpture. Still, the researcher is responsible for deciphering the digital garden art. That’s where I got into trouble yesterday, remember?

This time, when I ran my query, I mentally expunged all preconceived notions of secret societies, Dan Brown conspiracies and the like. I planned to interpret the results with Occam’s Razor and a surgeon’s scalpel.

Until I saw the words: Per Brogan

Bloody hell!

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