Café Demi Tasse 08

By Repeat Geek

Per Brogan. These two terms showed up in the results for secret society as well as for Professor Corke’s candlestick, beacon and window. My coffee is cold, muffin forgotten. Ari has a worried look, probably because I have on the same clothes from three days ago.  I can’t blame him. I wonder if I look as shell-shocked as I feel.

I haven’t been to work at all. I wandered around Area 51, frantically searching for meaning. Per Brogan? Is that the name of a secret society, after all? I didn’t find answers but I found my wallet. As I was still vibrating from Thursday’s DT Special, I raced home to sift through CRAP. I tried hundreds of queries, generated reams of diagnostics – that garbage you normally don’t see in a CRAP report – and mixed filters and input parameters until I was dizzy. Early Sunday afternoon, I finally slept.

Now, I sit here, even more confused. I have a mountain of data to decipher. I don’t want to bore you, but I want to repeat something I mentioned yesterday.  When I ask you to name your ancestors, you only omit great-great-grandparents if you don’t know about them. CRAP treats results like parents – it wants to know what gave birth to ideas.

Even though “parents” is just a term of convenience – CRAP children can have up to 16 parents! – the analogy to missing ancestry is helpful because of how we tend to organize related things. A family tree would have blanks as placeholders. CRAP reports just stop when no other common denominator can be found. I know from experiments that, when only two parents are found, we’re only scratching at the surface of ideas.

Take the ancient Greeks. They were incapable of finding the source of their five elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Air and Aether. If Aristotle had had access to CRAP, those five elements would have been the output for just about everything.

By the time Dmitri Mendeleev got around to his sleep-deprived dream of the periodic table, his version of CRAP would have expanded upon those Hellenic parents. Dmitri himself was like a walking CRAP prototype. He had to leave gaps in his grand table, placeholders for the future discovery of elements.

This is how I feel. Unlike Dmitri, who had his vision after three sleepless nights, I woke up to a nightmare of too much information. Per Brogan is the source  of an overwhelming number of ideas. Worse, those two little words only hint at the tip of a very big iceberg.

Oops! I better get going. Don’t want to be too late for my day job. Should I change clothes?

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