Fair Trade by Marian Allen

Think of the kind of place you want to be, stare into a cup of coffee, and you’ll be there, with a history that you remember even though you know it’s false. Other people will remember you, too.

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The jingle played again on the radio, the third time I’d heard it this morning, to and from shopping at the Lady Plus outlet: The fatter you are, the better you fly! Successful dieters need not apply. For some reason, I actually listened to the man in the ad this time, instead of dismissing the announcement as a particularly insensitive commercial for a diet club.  Are you overweight? Have you tried... read more

Til Death Us Do Part

by Marian Allen   Adhara rubbed her forehead as she stepped out of the arrival chamber. The tech put a hand to Adhara’s elbow and steered her to a chair, folding the disposable pad around her shivering nudity. “Everything looks fine,” he said, eyes on the readings, not on her body. “What happens if it doesn’t?” He smiled. “We don’t even think about... read more

How To Win A Contest

Find one or, if you happen to know Holly, be challenged to enter one. In the case in point, the contest is a race to win a Hugo. Research the contest. What is a Hugo? Find out what the rules or guidelines are. If you don’t write much in that way, find a loophole. (“While the organization sponsoring the Hugos is named the World Science Fiction Society, our charter explicitly makes fantasy as... read more