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Café Demi Tasse 09

By Repeat Geek “The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist.” – Charles Baudelaire “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” – Joseph Heller, Catch-22   Ari is happy to see me, as I haven’t been here in a few days. He’s not happy enough to comp me this Hazel Nut Frappé,... read more

Café Demi Tasse 08

By Repeat Geek Per Brogan. These two terms showed up in the results for secret society as well as for Professor Corke’s candlestick, beacon and window. My coffee is cold, muffin forgotten. Ari has a worried look, probably because I have on the same clothes from three days ago.  I can’t blame him. I wonder if I look as shell-shocked as I feel. I haven’t been to work at all. I wandered... read more

Café Demi Tasse 07

By Repeat Geek The Candlestick Conspiracy. Ari is still laughing at my recollection of Professor Corke’s mad theory. The story is good for a free Martian Mango juice. I just had to pay for my chocolate chip muffin. You know I’m on day two of my DT caffeine rush. That means it’s time to review the research into my new investigation. I ran a CRAP query on three ideas: candlestick, beacon... read more

Café Demi Tasse 06

By Repeat Geek Kids. Book bags. Noise. Summer is officially over and so is the blissful peace of my favorite watering hole. Ari himself looks a bit disheveled. He messed up an order and the line grows restless. Ha! I got here early enough that I can sit in my corner by the window and watch the drama. My 64 oz. DT Special and giant blueberry muffin stand in for the usual popcorn and soda. While watching Ari... read more

Café Demi Tasse 05

By Repeat Geek Ari is so nice. He gave me a free cup of Grazie Mille. He knows I’m good for it. Well, I will be, just as soon as I find my wallet, which I dropped somewhere in Area 51 and a Half. Anyway, I’m sipping my coffee, noshing on a gigantic blueberry muffin and reviewing the crazy search tangent I went off on a few days ago. The results from the secret query are starting to look more... read more

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