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How To Win A Contest

Find one or, if you happen to know Holly, be challenged to enter one. In the case in point, the contest is a race to win a Hugo. Research the contest. What is a Hugo? Find out what the rules or guidelines are. If you don’t write much in that way, find a loophole. (“While the organization sponsoring the Hugos is named the World Science Fiction Society, our charter explicitly makes fantasy as... read more

Whence Smack Talk?

Smack talk. It’s not just for athletes any more. Muhammad Ali was famous for taunting his opponents – and backing it up. He wasn’t sellin’ no wolf tickets, Yo! It is a most fascinating aspect of human interaction – a cross between fencing and “Peek-a-boo!” I consider the term smack talk to be a quantum portmanteau. It transcends boring etymology by simultaneously standing... read more

Per aspera ad astra!

They say that the subconscious mind can’t tell truth from fiction, and it is in reliance upon this that I’ve spent the weekend creating a website about a dare that some might call crazy, ridiculous, unrealistic, silly, or – well, they’d be wrong. So says my subconscious. I mean, who would have thought, at the dawn of the 20th Century, that men really would set foot on the moon... read more