The jingle played again on the radio, the third time I’d heard it this morning, to and from shopping at the Lady Plus outlet: The fatter you are, the better you fly! Successful dieters need not apply. For some reason, I actually listened to the man in the ad this time, instead of dismissing the announcement as a particularly insensitive commercial for a diet club.  Are you overweight? Have you tried... read more

Café Demi Tasse 02

By Repeat Geek I caught some flak from Ari, the barista, for “leaking” the secret to his DT’s Special #1. 64 ounces of pure Robusta beans. Apparently, some of the customers actually read my dispatches. Those misinformed muppets accused Ari of using defective coffee beans. See? Google is bad. For the record, Ari uses bleach only on the freshest beans available! As punishment, Ari refused... read more

Café Demi Tasse 01

By Repeat Geek I love coming to this place. The desserts are so-so, but the beverages are out of this world. Today, I’m having DT’s Special #1. 64 ounces of pure Robusta beans. Folks who disparage the prolific canephora berry just have no idea what can be done with a little household bleach. Ari, the barista, showed me the process, as long as I agreed to never publish it. As if! You know what... read more

Planning Plotser or Seat of the Pantser?

I am actually writing The Stone Canyon on the fly, posting it as I go, and praying for a strong finish. I thought it might be interesting to get feedback as I go – maybe readers will leave comments that help to guide the story (to a satisfying conclusion or right down the Class 7 Rapids of Writing Hell – who knows? That’s part of the charm, and the adventure!) I don’t usually let anyone read a work... read more

Maru the Go-Go Doll

“What does ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’ mean?” asked my friend Maru, an evil glint in her eye. Rising to the bait, I quickly keyed the letters f-l-o-c-c-i-n-a into the addresss bar of my web browser. Wanting to sound reasonably intelligent, I thought for a moment, then paraphrased. “It means to minimi—you know damned well what it means.” Maru’s smile twisted into something smug and... read more

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