Mitchell Allen

Mitchell Allen is a conscious creator. This means that he writes with both eyes open. He has spent half his life designing software, games and stories. If he were to expire tomorrow, this would be edited to say that he spent his entire life making stuff up.

From the time he was a child, he read and played. Rather than being considered irresponsible, his doting parents indulged and encouraged his creativity. When his father was not making up silly stories for Mitchell’s amusement, he was challenging him with impossible word puzzles. Likewise, his mother exposed him to a world of interesting things, using books, models and field trips.

All of this attention apparently infused Mitchell with a burning desire to recreate worlds. The only problem is, he never paid attention to detail. He loved to wing it. Games became mad laboratories for ridiculous rules. The typewriter – a real, honest-to-goodness Olympia model with the red and black ribbon! – became the portal to lands out of time.

Sadly, perhaps, Mitchell discovered computers and temporarily set aside imagined worlds for the truly fascinating world of ones and zeroes. As this was during the era of Pong and hundred dollar calculators, this fascination wasn’t too far removed from the abandoned worlds of games and fiction. Indeed, a tempest was brewing.

By the time Mitchell had become proficient enough with computers to begin programming them, he had also decided that it would be fun to create games using computers. Frustrated by 8-bit boundaries, his mind returned to the unfettered realms of his imagination.

It was natural for the concept of text adventures to come to the rescue. Zork and its predecessors fomented a perfect storm of computing, gaming and story-telling. As the maelstrom converged on Mitchell, he grabbed his umbrella and dashed headlong into the twisting madness.

If you find him, please let us know.